Community of The Way forming in Redwood City

The Rev. Kristen Yates

The Rev. Kristen Yates

In the summer of 2014 the Rev. Kristen Yates began a discernment process that led her to begin an Anglican church plant in Redwood City, CA. In January of 2015, Kristen moved to Redwood City and provided pastoral leadership for Eucharist Church in San Francisco while The Rev. Ryan Jones was on sabbatical. While settling and assisting, Kristen began meeting with the initial households of Community of the Way for fellowship and prayer.

Community of the Way will have a focus on Spiritual Direction and will weave into its life and outreach ancient patterns of prayer and discipleship. The long term vision includes both a faith community and a center for spiritual formation.

In April Community of The Way will begin having informal worship together as they seek to invite others to be part of the new church community. Current efforts include the development of a website and getting to know and love Redwood City and surrounding communities.

Community of The Way is the fourth church plant that Kristen has been involved with and the first she has led. Her experiences in Seattle, Portland, and Boston have provided her with a breadth of experience on which to draw.  Kristen holds degrees from William & Mary, American University, Wesley Theological Seminary, and Regent College.

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