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We have a decidedly low tech way of finding others interested in the start of new Anglican Churches. We call it “word of mouth”!  What typically happens is that we connect with someone in a town or city wondering when we are going to plant an Anglican Church in their community.  When this happens we thank God and run around the room doing fist pumps.  Finding the first person with an interest is the hardest part of church planting.  We have started efforts to plant a new church with as few as two people.

The process of gathering people for a new church takes time.  When we have one interested household we try to find a second and then a third.  We build a simple website and create a FaceBook Page.  We use social media to begin gathering a core team.  Sometimes these initial people know others who are interested.  This really helps speed up the process of gathering.

Gathering interested people is the first and most difficult part of the church planting process.  If you are reading this you might be the first person in your community to contact us or maybe you’re the second.  How cool would that be?  Why not call us and find out?  We won’t pressure you to get involved.  We welcome your interest and are excited to see what God is up to where you live.  The Very Rev Ed McNeill is the Dean of Nor Cal+.  His cell phone is 408-674-2770.  Give him a call and explore the possibilities.

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  1. Lenore E. Dixon

    I am looking for an Anglican Church any where near Antioch, CA. This is for my cousin wh is heart broken —the churches near her are Episcopal and in pieces.

    Thank you


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